Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny birthday quotes

Funny birthday quotes

My birthday!--what a different sound
That word had in my youthful ears;
And how each time the day comes round,
Less and less white its mark appears.
- Thomas Moore

Age is a high price to pay for maturity.
- Tom Stoppard

A birthday:—and now a day that rose
With much of hope, with meaning rife—
A thoughtful day from dawn to close:
The middle day of human life.
- Jean Ingelow

If we could be twice young and twice old we could correct all our mistakes.
- Euripides

Growing old is like being increasingly penalized
for a crime you have not committed.
- Anthony Powell

Call this an unfair generalization if you must,
but old people are no good at everything.
- Moe, from the Simpsons

Old people are fond of giving good advice; it consoles them for no longer being capable of setting a bad example.
- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Milestone Birthdays
20th Birthday Quotes

At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; and at 40 the judgment.
- Ben Franklin

Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life.
- Robert Southey

35th & 30th Birthday Quotes

Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.
- Georges Clemenceau

Time and Tide wait for no man,
but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.
- Robert Frost

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