Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes

"Ping pong or how the Chinese say: ping pong"

"Gives wax off a whole new meaning."
Randy Daytona

After defeating a young girl: "Don't be so hard on yourself, you got maad skills."
[Randy gets punched in the balls]
Randy Daytona

Randy Daytona: "You killed him..."
Feng: "Well duh, what part of sudden death didn't you understand?"

"Who the hell said take the cricket from my hand?"
Master Wong

"Mmmm... tastes good!"
The Hammer, after licking trophy

Randy: "You got me swatting flies now?"
Master Wong: "Not hit flies. You hit bees!"

"You are the greatest player I have ever seen. Besides my self, practicing in front of a mirror... which I do... everyday... in the nude."
Karl Wolfschtagg

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